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Slovakia - NVR : 56 SK-(VKM)

Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR) - (ŽSSK) Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a. s.

Railways of Slovak Republic (Železnice Slovenskej republiky, ŽSR) is the state-owned railway infrastructure company in Slovakia. The company was established in 1993 as the successor of the Československé státní drahy in Slovakia. Until 1996 it had formal and since then a de facto monopoly on railroad transportation in the country. In 2002 a law divided the company: ŽSR was left with infrastructure maintenance, and transport was moved into company "Železničná spoločnosť, a. s." (ZSSK). In 2005 this new company was further split into "Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a. s." (ZSSK) providing passenger services and "Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a. s." (ZSSK Cargo / ZSCS) providing freight services. ŽSR provides transportation and services that correspond to the interests of state transport policy and market requirements, including related activities. Railway has become an important prerequisite for economic and social development of the country. In 1837, it was started the construction of the first European Railway Highway. Its construction has become a potential threat to market of agricultural goods and timber from western Slovakia. Therefore, it was founded a company in aim to build horse railway that would link the 5 royal cities between Bratislava and Trnava. The service was providing until the first half of the 70th of the 19th century. At beginning, the construction of the railway was in the hand of the state. Later in year 1854, the state entrusted railway building to private entrepreneurs
Train is a very good solution to travel both comfortable and cheap enough. Slovakia has a convenient and modern rail network with some particularly scenic lines (Banská Bystrica-Diviaky line, Brezno-Margecany in the Low Tatras and any electric train in the High Tatras).
Several daily trains connect Bratislava with Vienna, Prague, Budapest; trains connect Eastern Slovakia to Poland and Ukraine. Travel in 1st class and by Inter-City express trains is recommended for visitors – 1st class is roomier, with more space since most Slovaks travel in 2nd class, and 1st class is not much more expensive. The European East Pass covers train travel within Slovakia and between Slovakia and Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Trains are departing from most of the cities and towns to all parts of Slovakia. Traveling by train to/from Slovakia is more expensive in case of purchasing one-way ticket. It is very recommended, especially for rail travel from Slovakia to international destinations, to buy an open return ticket. You can save a lot! For further information check the website of the Slovak railways (Slovak rail).

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