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Portugal - NVR :  94 P-(VKM)


CP - Comboios de Portugal

CP is a state-owned company which operates freight and passenger trains in Portugal. Before June 2009, CP stood for Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (English: Portuguese Railways) although the company has been using its current designation as a brand name since 2004.
On 28 October 1856 the first railway line was inaugurated in Portugal, between Lisbon and Carregado: the Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses was born. The network was gradually expanded both south of the Tagus and to the north of the country, as well as in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Oporto and to Spain. During the second half of the 20th century, much of CP's rolling stock was built in Portugal by Sorefame - notably carriages with stainless steel bodywork.
Gradually, electrification was put in place for a little less than half the network. In 1975, the company was nationalized and its name was shortened to CP, A plan to finally connect all the district capitals by a fully electrified double line will be implemented from 2010. Part of this plan is based on the Swiss Rail 2000 model.[1]
As of 2012, the Portuguese rail system is facing the threat of considerable contraction due to spending cuts by the Portuguese government. The Vouga line is now the only narrow gauge line is left in operation - it is also slated for closure

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