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Korea - NVR : 61 KR-(VKM)


Korea Railroad Corporation - Korean: 한국철도공사, - Hanja: 韓國鐵道公社, - promoted as Korail: 코레일

Korea Railroad Corporation (Korean: 한국철도공사, Hanja: 韓國鐵道公社), promoted as Korail (코레일), is the national railroad operator in South Korea.
Korail operates passenger and freight trains throughout South Korea. The railroad's headquarters are located in Daejeon.

The rail transportation system in South Korea includes mainline railway lines, and rapid transit system in some major cities. In 1896, a concession was granted to American businessmen, Henry Collbran and Harry R. Bostwick to construct the Seoul-Chemulpo (Jemulpo) Railroad (SCRR). The opening of the railroad took place on March 22, 1897. On Sept. 18, 1899, the SCRR was officially opened for traffic from Jemulpo to the south bank of the Han River near Yeongdeungpo. Railroad operations in Seoul did not begin until July 8, 1900, when the Han River was finally bridged. On May 8, 1902, the French-operated railroad financed by the Korean Empire, Northwestern Railway (NWR) was established and completed in 1905. It would connect Seoul with Manchuria by way of Kaesong, Pyongyang and then Uiju on the Yalu River.
Other major lines were later laid during the colonial period; these included lines originating in Mokpo, Masan, and Busan. These lines connected to Seoul and to Sinuiju in North Korea, where they were linked with the Trans-Siberian Railway. The railroad network was badly damaged during the Korean War, but it was later rebuilt and improved.

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