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How to upload pictures


How to Upload your pictures

After your Registration you need to create one simple album to put all your pictures during the upload in there.

How to do ?

If you upload pictures for the first time. Click on the
"create/order my Albums" button".


A new screen will open. To create a new map, you need to click first on the "New" button.
Here you must create a map with your name.  For example,
Foto: Bart Simpson. So change "New album" in Foto: Bart Simpson.


Click on the button : "Apply Modifications", a new mask ask to conferm by clicking OK and your personal map is created.


Te next screen will apear, and


The Homepage appears and go further by clicking "Upload File"


Now there will be appear a new window where you can see 10 camps with upload buttons.


Click on every button, and look in your machine where you have saved your reduced pictures.
Pictures may not be bigger than
1,5 MB, but mostly after you reduced them they are still arround 250 till 700 kb. That's still enough !
The uploaded pictures must be have the minimum size of 1024 X 865 but we prefer that you reduce them in
1400 X 922.pixel
Pictures with the size 800 X 500 are not allowed and will be cancelled by admins.
A watermark in your pictures is available.


Click now on the “Continue”,button and wait.

Your pictures are now uploaded, Select for each picture that you will upload your "Personal Album" in this case
"Foto: Bart Simpson"


Sellect now your personal album map which you have created before.


After you have select your
"Personal Album" in this case "Foto: Bart Simpson",
you need to compilate the rest of the form...


The first row, "Title" you let it empty, we will fill it in, there is coming the link with the company name which appears under every picture.
Wright only in the camp
"File description",

Type and number of the locomotive with control-number. Name of the station, UIC number of passenger car, UIC number freight car, and place where you have take the picture.

This will be verry important to eventually rename the filename by admins.
If you will tell also some extra specials about your picture, you may do that also in the
"description camp".
In this camp you may also insert “links”.
Colored text, headers, little image's or litlle logo's. All at your fantasy or interest, using the BB code.
By clicking the “continue” button, your next pictures will appear, and also here you fill in the form like you have done before.

Attention: The row “file titel” we will fill both in for you, evenso the row where is written "Keywords"

Continue by clicking the
"Continue" button and go further to descript all your other pictures wich you want to upload till you are finished.


Click to Continue…

All your pictures are now correctly uploaded. A webmaster checks if your pictures are ok,
and will publicate them on the website “Trainpaparazzo International Fotogallery by Trenomania”.


Click to the "continue" button,

You will be directed to the homepage from “Trainpaparazzo International Fotogallery by Trenomania”.



It can happen that you must wait for one day untill an Admin find your picture. But we do all at possible to publish your pictures verry quickly on the
gallery. Rareley it take’s some longer for reason that whe have to do some other works or hollyday.
Don’t hesitate if you have some questions. To contact us go to Webmasters.
or click the "Contact TP International Staff" button button on the website.


Your webmasters

Trainpaparazzo International by Trenomania , Trenomania Fotogallery,

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