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Hungary - NVR : 55 H-(VKM)


Magyar Államvasutak - MÁV

Hungarian State Railways (Magyar Államvasutak or MÁV) is the number one railway company in Hungary, and with 20,000 employees it is also one of the country’s largest employers. The railways connect Hungary both domestically and internationally with 593 stations on its railway lines. MÁV carries over 141.4 million passengers every year and is predicting this number will rise with the current interest in more respectful and earth friendly travel. They’re also improving their already convenient and practical train schedule. Taking Intercity is the fastest way to travel to/from Budapest to the Hungarian main cities : enjoy a transdanubia day trip to Pécs, 228 km (3 hours), visit Békéscsaba, 196 km (2 1/2 hours) in the Great Plain or go to Balatonfüred (at Lake Balaton), 132 km (2 hours) !
Hungarian State Railways have divisions "MÁV Start Zrt" (passenger transport) and "MÁV Cargo Zrt" (freight transport). Hungary is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC). The UIC Country Code for Hungary is 55.

MAV became the largest European rail company of the 20th century, both in terms of its expanse and finance. During the 1950's, Hungarian railways proved to be the base depending on which, the country progressed towards industrial expansion. Steam locomotives stopped being built in Hungary in 1958 and electrical locomotives were introduced in 1964.  120 km/h have been recorded as the maximum speed of Hungarian locomotive. At present, the Hungarian State Railways are looking forward to funds from the European Union, so as to upgrade the railway network within the country. At present MAV is focusing more on earning profits from its cargo service. However, tendencies towards suspending all rural railway services are being considered by the Hungarian government.

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