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Denmark - NVR : 86 DK-(VKM)


Danske Statsbaner - DSB

DSB, an abbreviation of Danske Statsbaner (Danish State Railways), is the largest Danish train operating company, and the largest in Scandinavia. While DSB is responsible for passenger train operation on most of the Danish railways, goods transport and railway maintenance are outside its scope. DSB runs a commuter rail system, called S-train, in the area around the Danish capital, Copenhagen, that connects the different areas and suburbs in the greater metropolitan area. DSB also operates some trains in Sweden.
DSB was founded in 1885 when the government-owned companies De jysk-fynske Statsbaner and De sjællandske Statsbaner merged. The rail transport system in Denmark consists of about 2,600 km of railway lines, of which only the Copenhagen S-train network and the main line Helsingør-Copenhagen-Padborg (at the German border) are electrified. Most traffic is passenger trains, although there is considerable transit goods traffic between Sweden and Germany.
Maintenance work on most Danish railway lines is done by Banedanmark, a state-owned company that also allocates tracks for train operators. The majority of passenger trains are operated by DSB, with Arriva operating on some lines in Jutland. Goods transport is mainly performed by DB Schenker Rail, although other operators take care of a significant portion of the non-transit traffic.
Denmark is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC). The UIC Country Code for Denmark is 86.

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